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I love my cross necklace for so many reasons. I love the way that it looks, but there are many other reasons that I like it as well. My boyfriend has two cross necklaces for men, and when bought the one for me I just about melted. I had told him when I had first met him about how my grandmother had one when I was a child and I loved to put it on. Whenever I look at my cross necklace it reminds me of my grandma who passed away a few years ago, so it gives me a sense of peace whenever I look at it or feel it resting across my neck.

My boyfriend gave me the necklace after cross necklace that I admired the one that my grandma had owned. He completely surprised me because it wasn't my birthday or any other occasion that you would expect a gift for, that is what I love about him, the way that he is so unpredictable. We were just driving to the grocery store and he reaches into his pocket and asks me, "Hey, didn't your grandma used to have a

like this?" At first I was really confused because I had no idea what he was talking about, but then when I noticed the smirk on his face I clued in. I told him a story about my grandma a few years back and this was his way of surprising me.

I loved my grandma when I was a little girl and one of the things that always reminded me of her was a diamond cross necklace. When I would see someone wearing cross pendants, or when my boyfriend and I had passed a jewelery store and saw one, I would always make a comment about it. Now that I have my own cross necklace I don't have to be envious of other people wearing them, or wish that I had one that I had seen at the jewelery store. The type of cross necklaces that I wanted was far out of my price range which is why it was so sweet of my boyfriend to save up the money and buy it for me. Those sweet little gestures are the things that keep relationships alive, and I can tell you that it definitely helps me to see the sweet man that he is. That is what I love about him, all of you men out there you should take a lesson from my boyfriend and buy your girlfriends or wives surprise gifts.